Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Great Site For Handbag and Purse Lovers

If anyone out there needs to find information about handbags, purses, and amateur handbag designers, I highly recommend visiting handbagdesigner101’s web site. 
There are so many interesting articles written about handbags/purses and designers, included, within the web site. I find information about unknown professional and amateur designers, quite often. Designers who, by the way, have some extremely stylish handbags, and other goods, that are constantly being showcased within the web site. And, it doesn’t matter when I visit, I’m never disappointed with what I see, and or, read. 

For instance, while visiting the site, I recently read about two handbag designers whose merchandise is manufactured, right here, in the USA.  And even though I only read about the two designers, I’m sure there are more articles included within the web site that are written about other designers who manufacture their goods in the USA.  Also, let us not forget about the annual Handbag Designer Awards Ceremony, which in and of itself, has shinned the spotlight on some wonderful amateur handbag designers, and given them opportunities that may not have been available, to them, otherwise.

These up and coming designers have produced some beautiful handbags and accessories, and many of these items are currently selling, both, online and in brick-and-mortar stores. I think their all great!  And I wish these hard working men and women much success.

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