Friday, September 7, 2012

Beautiful People Carrying Beautiful Bags

As you all know, last night was Fashion's Night Out, and although I didn't actually attend any of the events, I took some snap shots of people who were in the area, carrying beautiful bags.

Some of the styles I totally recognize, but others, not so much.

This is one of my favorite. The bag is, of course, a Dooney, and the model is beautiful. She was so willing, and I don't even know who she is. But I would like the tell her thanks.
Maybe you guys can help.  Let me know if you recognize these bags, and if you look closely, you just might see some familiar faces.

The bag directly below is a Gucci, and we all know that the one below, and to the right, is a Louis Vuitton. None the less, they are all beautiful. Won't you agree?

I'm pretty sure the bag on the right is a Chanel, and the bag on the left is  just as beautiful. I wish I knew what it was


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