Monday, June 17, 2013

Discount Department Stores and Leather Handbags

Yesterday, while I was out doing some shopping in the valley, I stopped by one of the discount department stores, to check out the designer handbags. And although, ever bag was beautiful, nothing appeared to be made of leather. I mean, maybe they were, but I couldn't tell. 

Normally, I can smell an item and be able to tell whether its leather, or not, but none of the items, I came across, had the scent of leather.

Well, I might have come across one, or two, but that was it, and they weren't as soft and supple as the designer bags I purchase in major department stores. As far as texture is concerned, are the discount department stores selling the same designer brand items as major department stores? Or, are they skimping on the quality of the material?

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