Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sample Sales

Do any of you ladies ever shop sample sales?  I do.  And it’s pretty easy for me to do, seeing as though, I live just a few blocks away from the Los Angeles garment district, where on the last Friday of every month many showrooms are open, for business, and samples are made available, for sell, to the general public.

At these sales, items are usually sold at, or below wholesale prices, and I must say, I’ve gotten some really good deals at these sales. So, my advice to you is, If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, take advantage of these sales, because I’m sure you’ll  find some fantastic deals on clothing, accessories, and gifts from some of your favorite designers.  And yes, handbags & purses are included.

But, if you’re not close to Los Angeles, there could be some sample sales going on in your area. Check it out, do some research! 

If nothing else, you’re sure to find some online designer sample sales, and they, also, offer great merchandise at, or, below wholesale prices.


  1. I love every element of this outfit. The red lace is especially fantastic!


    1. Thanks! I'll be posting more information about sample sale locations, in the very near future.